Co-parenting 101

Co-parenting 101

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A successful co-parenting relationship is as vital to your child's well-being and health as nutritious food or proper exercise. Research, anecdotal evidence, and plain common sense all point to the fact that children are happier, healthier, and better adjusted when both of their parents play an active role in their lives. Studies also show that the trauma children experience in the wake of a divorce or separation can be lessened when they see their parents getting along. Kids whose parents successfully co-parent feel more secure than those who have limited or no connection to one of their parents post divorce. Co-Parenting 101 is based on the premise that co-parenting is a must, not an option. The involvement of both parentsa€”not just the primary guardiana€”is the cornerstone of successful co-parenting. This is the first book written by a formerly married couple for whom co parenting is central to their day to day lives, and it offers a comprehensive, personal, and upfront look at how to effectively raise kids with an ex-spouse. Authors Deesha Philyaw and Michael D. Thomas, the creators of the popular co-parenting website,, share their own experiences raising their children together, as well as provide professional advice from co-parenting experts. Through practical tips combined with expert parental strategies, this book a great resource for divorced parents with children. For parents, less time stressed out about legal wrangling means more time to be fully present and engaged with the children. By learning to put their animosity aside, parents can focus on putting their kids first.Helping Your Kids Thrive in Two Households after Divorce Deesha Philyaw, Michael D. Thomas. References Abel ... Actually. . .It Does.a€ The Grown Up Child (blog), November 20. httpz/€”hurtsl. Jeffries, M. 2008. A Family a#39;s ... Rates in the US.a€ Paper presented at the 11th Annual Conference of the Childrena#39;s Rights Council, Washington, ... \Ieil, M. 2007. a€œ Kinder, Gentler Collaborative Divorce Also Costs Less.a€ ABA Journal (online), December 18.

Title:Co-parenting 101
Author:Deesha Philyaw, Michael D. Thomas
Publisher:New Harbinger Publications - 2013-05-01


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