Cobalt Oxides

Cobalt Oxides

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Unparalleled in the breadth and depth of its coverage of all important aspects, this book systematically treats the electronic and magnetic properties of stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric cobaltites in both ordered and disordered phases. Authored by a pioneer and a rising star in the field, the monograph summarizes, organizes and streamlines the otherwise difficult-to-obtain information on this topic. An introductory chapter sets forth the crystal chemistry of cobalt oxides to lay the groundwork for an understanding of the complex phenomena observed in this materials class. Special emphasis is placed on a comprehensive discussion of cobaltite physical properties in different structural families. Providing a thorough introduction to cobalt oxides from a chemical and physical viewpoint as a basis for understanding their intricacies, this is a must-have for both experienced researchers as well as entrants to the field.The self-doping or calcium deficiency introduces holes into the system, leading to the formula 0a3_X002(3+X)+06 [15]. It results in a rapid decrease in both resistivity and thermopower (Figure 7.18). The effect of the substitution at Co sites anbsp;...

Title:Cobalt Oxides
Author:Bernard Raveau, Motin Seikh
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2012-10-11


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