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a€œI look average and act average, that is what I do best and that is what I was trained to do.a€ The name of the novel is a€œCockroaches.a€ This is a very interesting and useful book, covering such topics as Human Relationships, Love, Betrayal, Military Intelligence, Espionage, Counter Espionage and much more. This book unveils the attempts by some Foreign Intelligence Service, through a third party, to illegally acquire top secret technology. One Military Cadet, by the will of destiny and his own hard work, was hurled into the core of the dangerous and very important Intelligence Operation abroad. Eight undercover agents, including the Cadet, were sent to the foreign country to find proof of illegal activities and uncover the truth. This is a very dangerous task and the agents have to meet a lot of challenges. They need to outplay the Foreign Counter Intelligence Service, which is trying to prevent them from making things right. The Foreign Counter Intelligence does everything to get in the way of this young Military Cadet and his superiors. Nevertheless, the agents are very brave and intelligent people; they know what to do in situations like that. This is a fiction book. However, the methods of Surveillance and Counter Surveillance, the Close Combat Fighting rules and Message Traffic, Military Lessons and Encryption Keys used, they are true and that is what makes the story look very real.I mentioned earlier, when you have routine procedures in place, you do not notice them, you just do what you are supposed to do, that is it. ... I remember clearly one training exercise when we were given Gas Masks to perform the task. ... The Gas Mask is working in the following way: by a signal from your instructor or a siren, you inhale as much air into your lungs as you can, very quickly put the Mask on, anbsp;...

Author:Serge Lapytski
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-03-07


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