Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook

Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook

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The Cocoa programming environmenta€”Applea€™s powerful set of clean, object-oriented APIsa€”is increasingly becoming the basis of almost all contemporary Mac OS X development. With its long history of constant refinement and improvement, Cocoa has matured into a sophisticated programming environment that can make Mac OS X application development quick, efficient, and even fun. Yet for all its refined elegance and ease of use, the staggering size of the Cocoa family of APIs and the vast magnitude of the official documentation can be intimidating to even seasoned programmers. To help Mac OS X developers sort through and begin to put to practical use Cocoaa€™s vast array of tools and technologies, Cocoa Programming Developera€™s Handbook provides a guided tour of the Cocoa APIs found on Mac OS X, thoroughly discussinga€”and showing in actiona€”Cocoaa€™s core frameworks and other vital components, as well as calling attention to some of the more interesting but often overlooked parts of the APIs and tools. This book provides expert insight into a wide range of key topics, from user interface design to network programming and performance tuning.Objective-C 2 adds write barriers when you assign an object pointer to an instance variable or a global. These are calls to ... The big change with the addition of garbage collection is the addition of weak references. A weak reference is oneanbsp;...

Title:Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook
Author:David Chisnall
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2009-12-29


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