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The year was 1995 and three very successful private ambulance companies joined forces in a mammoth merger to thwart the impending threat of a€˜FMRa€™ (Frequent Medical Response), the U.S.A.a€™s largest nationally based private ambulance company. a€˜Power Ambulancea€™ from Chicago, a€˜Reagan-Stiller Ambulancea€™ from Greater Chicagoland, and a€˜Baileya€™s Ambulancea€™ from southern Illinois and Indiana combined forces to become a€˜Tri*Medic Transport Incorporated.a€™ Code 3: The Rise a Fall of a Private Ambulance Empire proves that people from all walks of life are attracted to the strange realm that is Emergency Medical Services (E.M.S.). But like average employees, many of them come and go. a€œLike druggies, they get their quick fix and then they leave. E.M.S. sees them come and go like the motions of the ocean.a€ But what they leave behind are their unforgettable stories. Code 3: The Rise a Fall of a Private Ambulance Empire is not your typical novel about the heroisms of what takes place in the back of an ambulance, rather, Code 3 takes you on a fast-paced a€˜lights and sirensa€™ ride through the delightful disgraces that are hidden well from the public eye. The tribulations of the mighty E.M.S. Tri*Medic are well chronicled in this in-depth partisan culture of the unique private ambulance company world. Code 3: The Rise a Fall of a Private Ambulance Empire is a dauntless exposAc of Nazi Germany and the Titanic Disaster, uniquely intertwined in the unforgiving E.M.S. field of battle. Code 3 is set inside a huge garage on the north side of Chicago that is a branch of the massive private ambulance company merger. It was inside this garage that most of the mayhem took place, making for an unforgettable reading experience. Like the stories and characters involved in the inception of this novel, you will never forget it.Shylock then drovehis Ford Explorer directly intothe ruckus on the horizon. ... Chicagoland), and Baileya#39;sAmbulance (southern Illinois/Indiana) collectively merged their forces under the name Tri*Medic Transport Incorporated in early 1995.

Title:CODE 3
Author:Sean C. Cusack
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2008-05-31


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