Code Name: Katarina: A Novel

Code Name: Katarina: A Novel

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A tech billionaire seeks revenge that will kill millionsa€b a€bbut first he plans to take out the half-Japanese secret agent who is a thorn in his sidea€b A philanthropist and visionary in the computer world, Gargamel Tossert is the last person authorities would suspect of bombing a Los Angeles skyscrapera€”connecting Californiaa€™s internet to the rest of the world. Unfortunately for him, Kiki Claymore is right on his trail. Why? Because Tossert has brainwashed Kikia€™s old roommate, Aislinn Rousseau, as his own agent of evil. But when Kiki is forced to secretly escape the United States, all because of Tosserta€™s actions, she refuses to stay undercover. Kiki demands to infiltrate Tosserta€™s network, and rescue Aislinn from his influence. The trail leads to a secret bunker under Katarina, a historic neighborhood of Stockholm, Sweden. With the unlikely help of the Hella€™s Angels, Kiki races against time to save her friend. And stop Tosserta€™s plan to bring the world to its kneesa€”by destroying every automobile built in the last twenty years with a deadly computer virus. From inside the novela€b a€œOne more thing, for the next forty minutes you cana€™t stand up, okay?a€ Kiki looked to the ceiling. There wasna€™t much room anyway. a€œWhy not?a€ a€œWea€™re only flying twenty feet above sea level. Less than the height of a normal suburban house. At that altitude the uplift is so fragile that even the slightest variation in weight could send us into the water. So head to the restroom before we take off.a€ a€œBelow the radar, a€ said Tin Man. a€œBut after forty minutes they have to gain altitude. The pilot loses the ability to judge distance. Over the water therea€™s nothing for perspective. The chance of a crash increases.a€ a€œUntil Mei turns off the smoking sign, okay?a€ said Digby. Kiki sat back in her seat as the man in the polo shirt helped Digby raise the stairs and lock the door. Ground crew directed them onto the tarmac. After fifteen or so minutes the plane took off. At first they climbed, then came down again. Kiki looked out the window. The ocean was so close you could almost touch it. KA-PLUNK! The jet wobbled violently. Then stabilized. Salt spray splashed against Kikia€™s window. a€œSorry about that, a€ came Meia€™s voice over the intercom. a€œSomething was in our way.a€ Kiki looked out as the jet shot past a cruise ship. No more than a hundred feet away. The very same boat which had woken her that morning.See if you can get the drawers open.a€ She produced a pen from her purse. ... Kiki handed the paper to her. a€œThata#39;s not Finnish, a€ she said, handing it ... To the television displaying the security cameras. a€œOver there, a€ said Kiki. Tatyana looked up.

Title:Code Name: Katarina: A Novel
Author:Shane O'Brien MacDonald
Publisher:Ankerville Street Productions North America - 2014-05-13


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