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Each of the 20 chapters in this overview of current technology practices is dedicated to a different technology that is commonly used today, including programming languages, Web technologies, databases, and operating systems. By taking an interconnected look at many of the most popular technologies and how they rely on and work with each other, this guide serves as a reference guide to expert users, as well as an introduction to novices.As you might have noticed, the parentheses arena#39;t needed, and are usually omitted in PERL. Among other ... array in PERL. You could pass a large array and only one array, but as mentioned, this is inefficient and doesna#39;t allow for other parameters to be passed in. Instead, it is better to pass large data structures by reference and then let the subroutine operate on the data structure through its reference.

Author:Knute Axelson, Mary Bellino, Dave Harper, Dave Iffland
Publisher:Blue Line Press - 2006-01


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