Coffee, Cupcakes & Murder #1

Coffee, Cupcakes & Murder #1

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Welcome to Sky Valley, Georgiaa€”a scenic town set in the heart of Rabun County, full of lush trees, greeneries, mountains, and nice people. It is paradise on earth; a place that youa€™d aspire to come home to. But gasp some of the people really arena€™t every nice and this seemingly serene place has secrets hidden within. After spending seven years in Paris, Emmy is back in Sky Valley to set up her own wedding gown store and help her father, famous coffee shop owner and restaurateur Troy Byrne, with one of their coffee and pastry shops, Time for Coffee. Emmy realizes that not everything is what it seems anymore, and that a lot has changed since she left. Take for instance her good, old friend Annabeth Meyer, whoa€™s now getting married to her ex, Matthew Mills. It was a whirlwind romance, they said, and Emmy has to design her own gown for her, and she has to help with the festivities, too. But there are other things that Emmy has to know... Therea€™s also Audrina, her dada€™s assistant, who seems to be a nice girl but is known to have a temper, and Tripp Meyer, Annabetha€™s dad whom Emmy has always hated. How will they affect Emmya€™s life now?... we could also give pretty cupcakes to the guests and all that...And maybe, you could make us some macarons, too? I knew you came back to help Troy.a€ a€œ Actually, I didna#39;t just come back to help my father.a€ Troy, sensing the tension in the air, anbsp;...

Title:Coffee, Cupcakes & Murder #1
Author:William Jarvis
Publisher:Booktango - 2015-06-29


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