Coffee Nerd

Coffee Nerd

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Coffee has never been better--or cooler! Ever wonder what goes into making the perfect cup of coffee? There's more to it than you think, and a new breed of coffee nerds has transformed the cheap, gritty sludge your parents drink into the coolest food trend around, with an obsessive commitment to sourcing, roasting, and preparation that has taken the drink to delicious new heights. Coffee Nerd details the history behind the beans and helps you navigate the exciting and sometimes intimidating new wave of coffee. From finding obscure Japanese brewing equipment to recipes and techniques for brewing amazing coffee at home, you'll increase your geek cred--and discover a whole new world of coffee possibilities. Whether you are looking to refine your French-press recipe or just can't survive a morning without a handcrafted latte, this book is sure to stimulate you as you pore over the art of preparing an incredibly smooth cup of coffee.A nondosing grinder ismore likea wood chipper: beansgo in, andthe grounds just keep coming outuntilyou press the off switch. Ita#39;smessier (though many do have some sort of container built in to catch the grounds), but more flexible. ... But if you simply cana#39;t afford a good electric burr grinder, a hand grinder is still preferable toa blade grinderor buying preground coffee. ... tend to have wood and metal cases, while the cheaper ones are housed in plastic, but both actually work reallywell.

Title:Coffee Nerd
Author:Ruth Brown
Publisher:Adams Media - 2014-12-12


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