Coin & Bullion Scams Exposed

Coin & Bullion Scams Exposed

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Do you avoid buying coins and bullion on eBay for fear of being taken advantage of? Would you know a good deal from a bad one? This book was written to educate and inform you so that you can make good buying decisions on the internet and off. It only takes spotting just a bad deal or two and you've more than paid for the cost of this guide! Buy your peace of mind today! Have you been wanting to buy coins, gold, or silver boon the internet but aren't sure that it is safe? Your caution is justified, and that is why this book was written: To provide a glimpse into the deceptions and scams that are so prevalent not just on the internet but in the real world as well. Every fake coin that is sold undermines the integrity of our hobby as well as the values of un-graded coins on the open market. Are you able to identify a counterfeit silver dollar? Because of the high values of key date coins, forgeries are being made almost every day and peddled to unsuspecting victims who think they have the bargain of a lifetime. What about bullion? Are you able to tell a dishonest deal from a legitimately honest one? This guide will teach you how descriptions can be worded in such a way as to mislead you into buying mere replicas and imitations with little or no real value. Unsearched coin lots; qShotgunq rolled coins; qEstateq lots; qMiniatureq Gold coins and counterfeit tokens; Altered coins; Graded vs. Ungraded coins; Gold filled vs. Gold Plated; Choosing a refinery; Basic coin evaluation and grading; These are beginnings to lucrative opportunities for a sharp eye, yet to the untrained they become pitfalls: Wouldn't you like to be better prepared?For example a PCGS graded 1889-CC in Good 4 condition (on a scale to 70), starts with a list price of $450. ... By the time that Susan B. Anthony dollars are worth anything for instance, I would think my life expectancy would be exceeded by aanbsp;...

Title:Coin & Bullion Scams Exposed
Author:Adam Gregory Koch
Publisher:Adam Gregory Koch -


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