Cold Press Juice Bible

Cold Press Juice Bible

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THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO JUICING, DIETING, AND CLEANSING USING A SLOW-MASTICATING JUICER Thanks to the masticating juicer, which crushes fruits and vegetables into a smooth juice without destroying vital nutrients the way heat-producing centrifugal juicers do, the health benefits of drinking homemade juices has reached incredible new heights. Packed with over 300 recipes, Cold Press Juice Bible is the ultimate guide to getting the most out of these revolutionary machines. By juicing at home, consumers can choose exactly which ingredients to put into their bodies, skipping processed sugars and artificial ingredients in favor of organic fruits and seasonal vegetables that are chock-full of minerals, vitamins, and life-saving antioxidants. Cold Press Juice Bible explains how to maximize health benefits while balancing the complex flavors these machines are capable of extracting. In addition to fruit-by-fruit and veggie-by-veggie nutritional breakdowns, the author shows readers how to mix and match a wild variety of ingredients to create delicious artisanal flavors. Going beyond recipes, the book lays out four different juicing diets readers can incorporate into their daily regimens, ranging from short detoxifying cleanses to weight-busting, long-term diet strategies.Cold press machines simply cana#39;t be beat when it comes to maximum juice extraction. ... known as an auger to grind and crush the fruits and vegetables though a screen, squeezing every last drop of juice from the meat, skin and ... Although your initial outlay on a cold press juicer will be higher, youa#39;ll save money in the long run on ingredients. ... (practically the only thing these babies cana#39;t do is wash windows). e vertical versions are not quite as versatile, but they have bigger mouthsanbsp;...

Title:Cold Press Juice Bible
Author:Lisa Sussman
Publisher:Ulysses Press - 2014-11-17


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