Collateral Damage: Life as a Mortgage Broker

Collateral Damage: Life as a Mortgage Broker

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Chronicles the career of a conflicted mortgage broker. This comical and tragic account explains the whole amazing subprime catastrophe through the story of one man. Mortgage brokers dominated the lending industry for 25 years before succumbing to the lure of ever riskier products that relentlessly blurred their moral principles. In the end, common sense was compromised by fear of losing to the competition. Here are the outrageous, and sometimes hilarious, stories of the salea€™s anti cs of all the players of the subprime crisis.Life as a Mortgage Broker Ralph J. Migliozzi. make no ... What they want is a higher split for less work. Gullibility is ... The bad salesperson will burst into an office and say something like, a€œI did a survey and our product is too expensive!a€ When ... One unsubstantiated lie or rumor about the product he or she is selling can cause a bad salesperson to disappear and do nothing for three or four days. This typeanbsp;...

Title:Collateral Damage: Life as a Mortgage Broker
Author:Ralph J. Migliozzi
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-05-02


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