Collected Bodhi Leaves Volume IV

Collected Bodhi Leaves Volume IV

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This book contains thirty one numbers of the renowned Bodhi Leaf Publication series, dealing with various aspects of the Buddhaa€™s teaching. Bodhi Leaves 91: Buddha-Busha€”Bhikkhu Khantipalo 92: Radical Buddhism and Other Essaysa€”Leonard Price 93: The Heart Awakeneda€”Eileen Siriwardhana 94: The Rebirth of Katsugoroa€”Lafcadio Hearn 95: Meditating on No-Selfa€”Ayya Khema 96: To The Cemetery and Backa€”Leonard Price 97: Sayings and Parablesa€”Various Authors 98: Heedfulnessa€”Bhikkhu Khantipalo 99: The Middle Way and other essaysa€”M. Oa€™C. Walshe 100: The Doctrine of Rebirth in Eastern and Western Thoughta€”Karel Werner 101: Mind Training in Buddhisma€”Natasha Jackson and Hilda M. Edwards 102: Bhikkhu Tissa Dispels Some Doubtsa€”Leonard Price 103: Religious Convention and Sila Practicea€”Ajahn Sumedho 104: Walking Dhutanga in Britain Bowing to conventionsa€”Bhikkhu Sucitto 105: An Exhortation Self-image or Self-knowledge?a€”Ayya Khema 106: The Ups and Downs of Rebirtha€”Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw 107: The Training of the Hearta€”Ajahn Chah 108: Aggression, War, and Conflicta€”Bhikkhu Khantipalo 109: Positive Response: How to Meet Evil with Gooda€”Acharya Buddha-rakkhita 110: The Buddha and Catch-22a€”Samanera Bodhesako 111: Our Real Homea€”Ajahn Chah 112: The Problem of Fear in Time of Griefa€”Nina Van Gorkom 113: The Walking Meditationa€”Suvimalee Karunaratna 114: Going Into Homelessnessa€”Georg Grimm 115: Anapanasati: Meditation on Breathinga€”Ven. Nauyane Ariyadhamma Mahathera 116: Essential Advice of the Kadampa Mastersa€”Geshe Wangyal 117: A Buddhist View of Abortiona€”Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano 118: On Pilgrimagea€”Susan Elbaum Jootla 119: Dhamma Discourse IIIa€”Webu Sayadaw 120: The Self Made Private Prisona€”Lily de Silva 121: Why the Buddha Did Not Preach to a Hungry Mana€”Louis van LoonArrowheads. from. IBM. Casings. In every society, simple or sophisticated, there are levels of subsistence below ... bronze arrowheads, for instance, may well be as much of a thrill to the primitive hunter as is the purchase of the latest IBM computer to the millionaire business tycoon. ... of equipment to the Bushman ( who would probably wish to make arrowheads out of its casing) whereas the arrows may, anbsp;...

Title:Collected Bodhi Leaves Volume IV
Author:Various, Louis van Loon, Lily de Silva, Webu Sayadaw, Susan Elbaum Jootla, Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano, Geshe Wangyal, Nauyane Ariyadhamma Mahathera, Georg Grimm, Suvimalee Karunaratna, Nina Van Gorkom, Ajahn Chah, Samanera Bodhesako, Acharya Buddha-rakkhita, Bhikkhu Khantipalo, Mahasi Sayadaw, Ayya Khema, Bhikkhu Sucitto, Ajahn Sumedho, Leonard Price, Natasha Jackson and Hilda M. Edwards, Karel Werner, M. O’C. Walshe, Lafcadio Hearn, Eileen Siriwardhana
Publisher:Buddhist Publication Society - 2011-01-01


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