College on the Rocks

College on the Rocks

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College on the Rocks is a collection of humor columns published for The Duquesne Duke, Duquesne Universitya€™s weekly student newspaper, by multi-time award winning humor columnist David Jakielo. This laugh-out-loud series of columns, in chronological order, showcase the progression of a humor columnist as he writes about topics that range from his being Santa Claus in a local community to dancing topless at Spring Break in Cancun with Santa Claus. Other topics include: Davida€™s Dad Turning 50: a€œHe is one-year closer to collecting social security while I am one-year closer to obtaining the deed to our house.a€ Academic Tests: a€œTests call for the student to become addicted to caffeine pills so that they can commit many terms and ideas to short-term memory.a€ The Job Fair: a€œA job fair is where representatives from various companies gather to briefly speak with many unemployed people they have little interest in hiring.a€ Body Hair: a€œA puberty-related matter that consistently haunts us throughout life, especially when it clogs our shower drain.a€ How to Find the Right Dentist: a€œAsk yourself important questions like, a€˜Why is there a power chainsaw in the dentist Is office?a€™ and a€˜Why is this dentist toothless?a€™a€ This is like no college literature ever published before...this is College on the Rocks! What People Are Saying qHilarious views on college and beyond. This book is a great selection of laugh-out-loud columns not just about the craziness of college but also life in general. Tales of his wild college adventures were hilarious and had me reliving my own. But David Jakielo also easily manages to make topics such as recycling, plagiarism and the Democratic presidential caucuses funny and entertaining. The column in which David grows a beard to q go against the trend and embrace his body hairq had me stopping to wipe the tears from my eyes. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good laugh and smart writing.q Nicole Reig Duquesne University, Aa05 McMurray, PA qMy son and his friends enjoyed the book ICollege on the Rocks I. As recent high school graduates, the book provides a great introduction to the college years that lie before them.q Karen Olson KLO Professional Billing Inc. Westmont, IL qI found David Jakieloa€™s book, ICollege on the Rocks I, highly entertaining. His views of college life and the motivation and habits of his classmates were unique and insightful. His reflections on the constant balancing of parents, professors, and money, while all the time pursuing girls, drinking, and a job, kept me entertained throughout the book.q Douglas D. Irwin Director of IT CBIZ/MMP/TriMed Flint, MI The Columns THE FRESHMAN OBSERVER a€c The Name of the Game(02.21.02) SOPHOMORIC HUMOR a€c Classina€™ or Clubbina€™ (09.05.02) a€c Dumb People Make for a a€œBlockbustera€ of a Good Time (09.19.02) a€c How a€˜Hooked Upa€™ is Your Ride? (10.10.02) a€c Can You Tell Me How I Got Back to Sesame Street? a€c Hell on Wheels (02.27.03) JUNIOR JOCULARITY a€c Before Reality, There is the First Week of School (08.28.03) a€c Over The Hill and then Some (09.18.03) a€c Oa€™ Canada! We Play Our Harmonicas to Thee (10.02.03) a€c Making the Magic Happen (10.09.03) a€c Recycling: Not Just for Old Jokes (10.16.03) a€c A Trip Down Memory Lane with Mr. Martini (10.30.03) a€c The Caucuses are Coming (11.06.03) a€c Put Your Cell Phone on Silent (11.13.03) a€c Read This Since Studying is Overrated a€c... a job and moving back in with our parents. Well, student body, we cana#39;t let that get us down, because either way, we still have to graduate and learn: ... Gymnastics: Two of its forms, Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics are very demanding physical feats that call for an a€œathletea€ to prance around with a stick that has a ribbon attached to the top. Badminton: Yes, the sport you tried to play in youranbsp;...

Title:College on the Rocks
Author:David Jakielo
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2006-06-21


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