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In America, tensions between various political factions mounted, as did citizen dissatisfaction with, and resistance to, the nationa€™s transition to Socialism. 2001-2014. The government constructed three secret experimental communities (Commons): communist, fascist, and democratic. If revolution became imminent, the public would be informed of the experiment to give them hope for change and moderate their discontent until a more acceptable order was established. Twenty years later the most popular of the three prototypical communities would be selected to replace Americaa€™s Socialist society. Residents were chosen by lottery to live in the Commons. June 1, 2034. Teen lovers, Juan Don and Hope Orgazmus, escape from Common 3, a crime punishable by death. They are captured and returned to Common 3. To avoid execution, they become entangled in, and their lives constantly threatened by, a maelstrom of political intrigue, murder, subterfuge, and uncertainty from which they desperately seek safe refuge. This story begins with the teenagersa€™ escape and ends with a shocking, apocalyptic foreshadowing of mana€™s fate. Juan and Hope are surrounded by a large cast of characters a€“ heroic, quirky, marginally insane, or monstrously sociopathic, all unforgettable. The story is masterful and captivating. Its shadows and suspense are lightened by the humor of its burlesque, satire, and ironiesJuan jumps out of bed, opens the bedroom door, and yells, a€œGet some medical help in here. I think that Kikuya ... He opens the stall door and adjusts the hot and cold shower knobs, feeling the water to get the right temperature. Before getting into ... He steps into the shower stall, applies soap to his hair and, with his finger tips, vigorously massages his scalp to remove massage oil and blood. The soapy anbsp;...

Title:COMMON 3
Author:John S. Budd
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-09-09


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