Common Sense to the Nth Degree

Common Sense to the Nth Degree

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As a society, are we more into smelling the roses or pulling the weeds? This is the question that plagues author Roger Shuman about modern society. Shuman's Common Sense to the Nth Degree boldly confronts the core issues facing the world today, challenging readers and citizens to look at the world with fresh and logical eyes and to concentrate more on enjoying the good things rather than trying to cull out the bad. Canvassing every hot button topic from the true meaning of the Constitution to the origins of road rage, Shuman uses real life examples and sometimes biting humor to analyze and indict the views of a culture gone mad with superficiality and ignorance. Delve into this collection of hypotheses and anecdotes, and learn what it means to possess Common Sense to the Nth Degree.I recall a time when decision-making was a totally different process than it is now. We used to make decisions based on common sense, tradition, family values, rules, routine, and deciding what was best for the group. It seems that thoseanbsp;...

Title:Common Sense to the Nth Degree
Author:Roger Shuman
Publisher:Tate Publishing - 2011-03-01


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