Commoner Sense

Commoner Sense

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In qCommoner Senseq, author Patrick J. Fornari, a no-nonsense average American working person, examines the United Statesa€™ unique past, present, and possible future. Built on more than a decade of research condensed into an overview of the working persona€™s role in America, Fornaria€™s perspective lends credibility, importance, and a clear voice to the diminishing role of the American voter and worker in American politics. Commoner Sense addresses a variety of topics including slavery and racism, religious freedom, liberal utopian sensibility, American exceptionalism, the IRS, the economy, and Obamacare. It presents the ideas of our founding fathers, shows how those ideas are playing out in todaya€™s America, looks toward the future, and encourages each American to regain control of the countrya€™s destiny, which has been hijacked by an elite ruling class. Fornaria€™s a€œeverymana€ life experience represents the much-neglected commonsense view of the government and country by Americaa€™s working class. He details how a€œlife, liberty, and the pursuit of happinessa€ isna€™t just for the history books anymore; ita€™s for the present and the fast the big-government concrete truck is able to cross the road at any given time . Should we, as individuals, go so slowly, so safely, down our American road , always ceding the right of way to the concrete truck, careful to not inhibit or restrict its movement in any ... After all, the reason that goods and services are so expensive in your average taxpayer life is because of regressive intrusion, because ofanbsp;...

Title:Commoner Sense
Author:Patrick J. Fornari
Publisher:iUniverse - 2014-03-06


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