Communication Services via Satellite

Communication Services via Satellite

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Communication Services via Satellite: A Handbook for Design, Installation, and Service Engineers, Second Edition focuses on the innovations made by satellites in the field of communications. The publication first elaborates on basic concepts, noise and interference, and electromagnetic waves, propagation, and antennas. Discussions focus on frequency-selective surfaces and planar antennas, reflection, refraction, depolarization, and feeds, primary properties of antennas, energy in free space, comparison of noise factor and temperature, and system constraints imposed by transponder characteristics. The text then examines microwave circuit elements, digital signal processing, and digital and digital/analogue communications systems. Concerns include bandwidth compression video codec, satellite weather and environmental services, quadrature mirror filters and sub-band coding, baseband code formats, coupling to cavities and waveguides, and circulators and isolators. The manuscript takes a look at installation and servicing, information security and conditional access, television and radio audio channels, television receivers and distribution systems, and television systems. The publication is a dependable source of information for communication experts and researchers interested in the use of satellites in communications.A typically good Ku band LNB after repair would be expected to yield a gain of at least 55 dB, flat over the passband to within 3 dB, and with a ... Fault finding in the IF section of the LNB then follows a procedure typical of UHF TV servicing.

Title:Communication Services via Satellite
Author:Geoffrey E. Lewis
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-12


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