Complications in Knee and Shoulder Surgery

Complications in Knee and Shoulder Surgery

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a€œTo Err is Human...a€ Alexander Pope Any surgical intervention has potential risks and complications. This book is designed as a reference tool and a roadmap for the sports medicine orthopedist to minimize the complications in knee and shoulder surgery. Some complications are avoidable; some are not. By understanding the functional anatomy at risk, proper surgical setup, proper equipment, and proper patient selection, a preventative approach to complications can be instituted. The authors of these chapters represent leaders in orthopedic sports medicine and have provided novel methods for dealing with intraoperative complications and si- ations that can occur in the midst of a a€œroutinea€ arthroscopic reconstruction. In d- cussing these issues, we hope to raise the surgeona€™s awareness of potential complications and to provide wisdom and advice to properly avoid and treat these problems should they arise. How one deals with complications truly tests the mettle of the surgeon. Keeping onea€™s a€œcoola€ in the midst of an intraoperative complication will be facilitated by h- ing an algorithmic approach. We hope that this book will improve your outcome should these problems occur. Some complications are unavoidable. Arthro brosis or stiffness may take place in the best of hands. Infection may surface postoperatively in the most sterile OR. We provide you with the background to confront these challenges. A list of ten a€œPearlsa€ are offered at the beginning of most chapters as a quick reference card.Patient selection is vital to a successful repair. a€c Treat a Meniscus Repair like a bony nonunion. a€c Reduce the tear and hold reduction with temporary a€c fixation. Create a stable repair that can withstand flexion and a€c extension of the knee. Test it!

Title:Complications in Knee and Shoulder Surgery
Author:Robert J. Meislin, Jeffrey Halbrecht
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-10-03


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