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Composting is a way to speed up the natural process of decomposition and return organic materials to the soil. Instead of throwing away organic waste, items such as fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, and yard trimmings can be composted. The result is a dark, crumbly material that can be used to improve the soil and beautify gardens, parks, and lawns. This interesting and practical guide explains how composting works and how to start composting, including setting up a bin, adding the right mix of ingredients, aerating the pile, and more. Successful school and municipal programs across the country are highlighted as well.But if your pile is large enough, you can compost small amounts of these if they are mixed in well. ... one decision you need to make is whether youa#39;ll do continuous composting or batch composting. most backyard composters do continuousanbsp;...

Author:Brian Hanson-Harding
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2013-12-15


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