Computation for Humanity

Computation for Humanity

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The exponential progress and accessibility of computing has vastly increased data flows and revolutionized the practice of science, engineering, and communication. Computing plays a critical role in advancing research across almost every scientific discipline. Computation for Humanity: Information Technology to Advance Society is a guide for the creation of services, products, and tools that facilitate, support, and enhance progress of humanity toward more sustainable life. This book: Provides a deep understanding of the practical applications of computation to solve human-machine problems Delivers insight into theoretical approaches in an accessible manner Provides a comprehensive overview of computational science and engineering applications in selected disciplines Crosses the boundaries between different domains and shows how they interrelate and complement one another Focuses on grand challenges and issues that matter for the future of humanity Shows different perspectives of computational thinking, understanding, and reasoning Provides a basis for scientific discoveries and enables adopting scientific theories and engineering practices from other disciplines Takes a step back to provide a human-related abstraction level that is not ultimately seen in pure technological elaborations/collections The editors provide a collection of numerous computation-related projects that form a foundation from which to cross-pollinate between different disciplines and further extensive collaboration. They present a clear and profound understanding of computing in today's world, and provide fundamental solutions to some of the most pertinent humanity-related problems.With new biotech tools, the process of aging is itself under intense investigation. In the absence of disease, why do humans age? ... DNA that is depleted when cells split in the growth process and that, when replenished, will eliminate, and even reverse, the aging process. ... The possibility of human cloning, raised when Scottish scientists at Roslin Institute created the much-celebrated sheep Dolly, anbsp;...

Title:Computation for Humanity
Author:Justyna Zander, Pieter J. Mosterman
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-10-07


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