Computations with Modular Forms

Computations with Modular Forms

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This volume contains original research articles, survey articles and lecture notes related to the Computations with Modular Forms 2011 Summer School and Conference, held at the University of Heidelberg. A key theme of the Conference and Summer School was the interplay between theory, algorithms and experiment. The 14 papers offer readers both, instructional courses on the latest algorithms for computing modular and automorphic forms, as well as original research articles reporting on the latest developments in the field. The three Summer School lectures provide an introduction to modern algorithms together with some theoretical background for computations of and with modular forms, including computing cohomology of arithmetic groups, algebraic automorphic forms, and overconvergent modular symbols. The 11 Conference papers cover a wide range of themes related to computations with modular forms, including lattice methods for algebraic modular forms on classical groups, a generalization of the Maeda conjecture, an efficient algorithm for special values of p-adic Rankin triple product L-functions, arithmetic aspects and experimental data of Bianchi groups, a theoretical study of the real Jacobian of modular curves, results on computing weight one modular forms, and more.Well, let me tell you where the three generating divisors for I“0(2) in (2.4) came from. First note that the ideal triangle connecting aˆž to 0 to aˆ’1 is a fundamental domain for I“0(2). Taking differences between the vertices of this triangle then givesanbsp;...

Title:Computations with Modular Forms
Author:Gebhard Böckle, Gabor Wiese
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2014-01-23


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