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DK Eyewitness Computer is a brand new topic for this bestselling reference series, covering one of technologies major inventions. Amazing photographs offer a unique qeyewitnessq view to the history and science behind the technology that defines our digital world. From ancient to modern times, show your child how an ancient Greek computer was used to predict the movement of the stars and how mid-20th century computers were the size of a large room. They'll also discover how computers are used in modern inventions such as mobile phones, iPads, and artificial intelligence in the 21st-century. Great for projects or just for fun, make sure your child learns everything they need to know about Computers. Find out more and download amazing clipart images at working. Computers also have longa€”term memory in the form of a storage device, such as a hard disk drive. ... HOW COMPUTERS WORK All computers work in the same way When a user feeds data into them by an input device, the centralanbsp;...

Publisher:Dorling Kindersley Ltd - 2011-07-01


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