Computer Programmer

Computer Programmer

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Find out what it takes to be a computer programmer with charactera€b Computer programmers work in: a€cThe computer and data-processing industry; a€cEngineering; a€cManagement; a€cTelecommunications; a€cBanks; a€cHospitals; a€cGovernment; a€cResearch laboratories; and a€cA host of other industries. In our modern world, the field of computer programming is constantly expanding. Employers are seeking programmers who are skilled and conscientious. Thata€™s why computer programmers need: Integrity to honor property rights, including copyrights and patentsa€b Self-discipline to stick with long and detailed jobsa€b And respect for the privacy of others. Do you think you might have the skills, interests, and character you need to succeed in this career? Computer Programmer will help you decide.a€œHow do we know how long this other project might take? The other team may not be able to finish it up as planned, a€ Clark said. a€œAs far as the expense you mentioned, youa#39;re just making a guess. It might not be as expensive as you sayto makeanbsp;...

Title:Computer Programmer
Author:Sherry Bonnice
Publisher:Mason Crest - 2014-09-02


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