Computer Programming and Computer Systems

Computer Programming and Computer Systems

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Computer Programming and Computer Systems imparts a a€œreading knowledge of computer systems. This book describes the aspects of machine-language programming, monitor systems, computer hardware, and advanced programming that every thorough programmer should be acquainted with. This text discusses the automatic electronic digital computers, symbolic language, Reverse Polish Notation, and Fortran into assembly language. The routine for reading blocked tapes, dimension statements in subroutines, general-purpose input routine, and efficient use of memory are also elaborated. This publication is intended as an introduction to modern programming practices for professional programmers, but is also valuable to research workers in science, engineering, academic, and industrial fields who are using computers.Languages such as Fortran or Algol suggest that no knowledge of the actual working of the computer is needed. In the present state of the art, this is not usually true. The conscientious programmer soon finds himself referring to obscure manuals on machine-language programming. ... He should understand what the system is trying to do and he should use this knowledge to improve his programs.

Title:Computer Programming and Computer Systems
Author:Anthony Hassitt
Publisher:Academic Press - 2014-05-12


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