Computer Science Reference for Class X students

Computer Science Reference for Class X students

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This handbook has been exclusively designed and developed for the students of class X, belonging to Computer Science as an elective subject. This handbook has been designed by keeping the marks pattern of the board as it has been observed that many answer materials contains only 1 or 2 lines of answers even for a 3 marks question, which is not correct because the board pattern tells us that at least 9 a€“ 10 lines are required, but in the terms of Coding, it may not work in such a sense. This handbook has been developed by Pulokesh Roy, the System Administrator of R.D. Educational a Sports Foundation and the Founder and CEO of Teqswiper. After a lot of research over the various boards and their marks patterns, this handbook has been developed. All of the questions included in the handbook are compulsory. It will definitely help the students in order to secure the highest marks in the Computer Science subject. This is the first edition of this book, which contains various questions. The second edition of this book will be in the store as soon as possible with more questions. In the third edition, there will be few sample question papers, which will guide you throughout the pattern of the board and it will act as a practice material for you. So, this is a best option for those who desire to secure best marks in the Computer Science Subject. This is the first time, when such a kind of material is going to be publicized. It will be an effort to make this material available to the board also, so that the board can utilize this material for the examinations in the upcoming years and accordingly, the students can be benefitted through this.Reference material for Class X Pulokesh Roy. xviii. xix. xx. xxi. xxii. xxiii. xxiv. c) ... XML Parser is a software that reads an XML document, identifies all the XML tags , and passes the data to various applications. There are two kinds of XMLanbsp;...

Title:Computer Science Reference for Class X students
Author:Pulokesh Roy
Publisher:Pulokesh Roy - 2015-10-03


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