Computer Security for the Home and Small Office

Computer Security for the Home and Small Office

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Computer Security for the Home and Small Office addresses the long-neglected security needs of everyday users in the home, company workstation, and SOHO (small office/home office) categories, with emphasis on system hardening, eliminating malware, user and Internet privacy, encryption, and data hygiene. The book offers comprehensive tutorials for protecting privacy, preventing system attacks and, most important, avoiding difficulties from buggy programs and software laced with hidden functions and networking capabilities. Furthermore, the book is packed with information about open-source products with related security strategies for Windows users. One recurrent strategy: replacing insecure closed-source applications and utilities with safer open-source alternatives, thereby eliminating numerous routes to system exploitation and privacy invasion. Also included is plenty of guidance for Linux users, and a full chapter weighing the advantages and disadvantages of migrating to Linuxa€”a step that can greatly simplify computer security, even for the novice user.... AccessDiver, GoldenEye, and Ares. Most are free and very easy to use. An attacker need not have a clue how password authentication works; all he needs is a cracker and a few wordlists, many of which are also available for free download.

Title:Computer Security for the Home and Small Office
Author:Thomas C. Greene
Publisher:Apress - 2004-03-11


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