Computing with Excel and VBA

Computing with Excel and VBA

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Ideal for use in non-majors, introductory-level CS or CIS courses, Computing with Excel and VBA provides students with a clear emphasis on problem solving using the popular tools Excel and VBA. Numerous examples are presented throughout the text to illustrate key concepts, and several additional examples and exercises are provided as learning tools at the end of each chapter. All examples were developed to relate to practical situations that students will likely encounter in their work or studies. By using Excel to demonstrate how computers can be used to solve problems, students will gain a solid skill set in this popular resource. The coverage of VBA provides exposition to programming with simple examples to show how Excel applications can be customized. Computing with Excel and VBA provides students with a concise and complete understanding of computer systems and problem solving techniques that will pave the way for future study!Thus, the function has three arguments: a text string or a cell reference, the start position, and the number of characters to be extracted. Assuming cell A1 contains a text string a€œProgramminga€, the following formula will return a€œrama€ as the result:anbsp;...

Title:Computing with Excel and VBA
Author:S. I. Krishan
Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Publishers - 2009


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