Computing with Java

Computing with Java

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Computing with Java: Programs, Objects, Graphics 2nd Edition is an introduction to Java that covers the fundamental concepts of object-oriented and event-driven programming. It introduces objects early to help students develop object-oriented thinking from the start. Event-driven programming is presented gradually and thoroughly starting in Chapter Six . It also covers more advance topics such as Swing, Collections, threads, concurrent programming, networking, database connectivity, servlets, JavaServer Pages, JavaBeans, and XML.Pixels are dots on the screen used to create graphic images. A screen may ... a window that is 400 pixels wide and 300 high. Since we start ... (399, 0) (0, 299) ( 399, 299) a#39; 1 Operator Symbol Meaning Example alt; less than 31 alt; 25 Graphics Model.

Title:Computing with Java
Author:Art Gittleman
Publisher:Addison Wesley Longman - 2001


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