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New York Times' reporter, Charles Platt, falls upon the story of a lifetime after being diagnosed as having an incurable brain tumor. His diagnosing doctor, Rachael Lord, has a less than stellar past. Five years priors, Charles himself, had written a front-page story about the Doctor, a dead geneticist and the Human Genome Project. The good Doctor was eventually cleared of all charges, but a mystery remained as to the whereabouts of the missing genetic map that was suppose to have been completed. Thus Charles' journey begin, not only in the pursuit of his story, but ultimately for a lifesaving cure for himself.CHAPTER 4 Rachael looked up at the early morning sky as she slid her key into the lock of her aging nineteen eighty seven Honda Accord. The car was old, but she had had it since her first year of college. It had been a friend; a companionanbsp;...

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2001-02-01


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