Conceptual Modeling - ER 2005

Conceptual Modeling - ER 2005

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Conceptual modeling is fundamental to any domain where one must cope with complex real-world situations and systems because it fosters communication - tween technology experts and those who would bene?t from the application of those technologies. Conceptual modeling is the key mechanism for und- standing and representing the domains of information system and database - gineering but also increasingly for other domains including the new a€œvirtuala€ e-environmentsandtheinformationsystemsthatsupportthem.Theimportance of conceptual modeling in software engineering is evidenced by recent interest in a€œmodel-drivenarchitecturea€anda€œextremenon-programminga€.Conceptualm- eling also plays a prominent rolein various technical disciplines and in the social sciences. The Annual International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (referred to as the ER Conference) provides a central forum for presenting and discussing current research and applications in which conceptual modeling is the major emphasis. In keeping with this tradition, ER 2005, the 24th ER Conference, spanned the spectrum of conceptual modeling including research and practice in areas such as theories of concepts and ontologies underlying conceptual m- eling, methods and tools for developing and communicating conceptual models, and techniques for transforming conceptual models into e?ective (information) system implementations. Moreover, new areas of conceptual modeling incl- ing Semantic Web services and the interdependencies of conceptual modeling with knowledge-based, logical and linguistic theories and approaches were also addressed.a€œGraph drawing: algorithms for the visualization of graphsa€. Prentice Hall ... a€œAn Experimental Comparison of Force-Direceted and Randomized Graph Drawing Algorithmsa€. In Procs of Graph ... a€œThe Anatomy of a Large-scale Hypertextual Web Search Enginea€. ... In Proc. of the 23th Australiasian Computer Science Conference, pages 47a€“53. Australian ... In Proceeding of Vissoft 2003, International Workshop on Visualizing Software for Understanding and Analysis, pages 30a€“34, 2003.

Title:Conceptual Modeling - ER 2005
Author:Christian Kop, Heinrich C. Mayr, John Mylopoulos, Oscar Pastor
Publisher:Springer - 2005-11-15


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