Concussive Brain Trauma

Concussive Brain Trauma

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A wide-range study of victims of head injury often reveals disorders that are neglected by less extensive examinations, and dispels the idea that there is usually a benign outcome. Focusing on a public health problem affecting millions of people of all ages, with approximately 1, 300 references, Concussive Brain Trauma: Neurobehavioral Impairment and Maladaptation addresses such topics as the recognition of minor traumatic brain injury in the emergency room and clinical practice. The book is unique in its coverage of the personality changes, family dysfunction, and stress that often occur in wake of concussive brain trauma. Case examples illustrate persistent and acute alterations of consciousness, as well as cognitive, mood, personality, and social effects of head injury, in order to guide appropriate treatment. In addition, the book documents unfamiliar signs not included in the usual list of postconcussive symptoms. Concussive Brain Trauma: Neurobehavioral Impairment and Maladaptation stands alone as an in-depth, authoritative guide to the condition also described as closed head injury and qminorq traumatic brain injury.Such athletes can stay on their feet for perhaps 15 seconds to a minute, then may seem dazed, walk off under their own ... Even carrying a child in a backpack carrier while jogging is considered sufficient movement of the brain in the skull to ... at the calvaria, inducing excessive tearing forces at the attachment of vessels to rigid fixed soft tissues (e.g., falx cerebri). ... to long-term observation for impaired growth and hypopituitarism (Caffey, 1974; Miller, Kaplan and Grumbach , 1980).

Title:Concussive Brain Trauma
Author:Rolland S. Parker
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-12-27


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