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Discover the astonishing true stories--that will make readers laugh, cry, and gasp--behind the headlines: Salem Witches, Saving Grand Central, Yellowstone Wolf Gunned Down, Redwood to Get Ax, Snaggletooth Killer, DogTown, and more. This series of nonfiction readers will grab a student's interest from the very first page! Designed with struggling readers in mind, these riveting books offer short chapters on high-interest headlines. Each chapter is its own mini-book, which includes a timeline, key terms, and interesting facts. Fascinating black and white photographs keep the pages turning. A bibliography encourages further topical reading.If it did, it could be tested for DNA evidence. This idea gave them hope. In early 2001, Kronea#39;s family asked the court to do the DNA testing on the shirt. Still, DNA testing takes a long time. The process is difficult and has to be done just right.

Author:Caitlin Scott
Publisher:Saddleback Educational Publishing - 2012-09-01


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