Confessions of a Doorman

Confessions of a Doorman

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Following on from the success of his best selling book Doing the Doors, doorman, bodyguard, ex-mercenary and martial arts expert Robin Barratt recalls more hard-hitting stories from his frequently violent life on nightclub doors around the UK. Barratt also records a few incredible and often hilarious takes from his time as a bodyguard in France, Russia and the Ukraine. After being sent to clean up one of the most famous nightclubs in Paris, Barratt found himself 'hanging out' with a top Hollywood actor. In the Ukraine he came up against corrupt officials, and in Russia he worked alongside ex-Russian Special Forces. Confessions of a Doorman starts by chronicling his steroid related heart attack at the age of just 43. Describing a lifetime of violence, turmoil and confusion, as well as his controversial opinions on the Security Industry Authority and his thoughts on what makes a first-rate doorman, Confessions is frequently comical, often shocking, occasionally heart-warming and written with Robin's usual style of pace, humour and honest.For example, athletes that require ahuge amount of strength and mass for example weightlifters will take massive ... Athletes that require less strength but more endurance and quality, leaner muscle will take low androgen, high anabolic compounds such as Primobolan and Anavar. ... Professional competitive athletes will know which compounds to take, for how long and the detectable time frame foranbsp;...

Title:Confessions of a Doorman
Author:Robin Barratt
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2012-04-17


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