Confessions of a Guide Dog

Confessions of a Guide Dog

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Have you ever wondered what a guide dog does? How do they know to lead a blind owner? Can they understand traffic lights? Most importantly, how does the owner know where to pick up the poop? This memoir answers these questionsa€”and more. It tells what guide dogs are supposed to do. Theya€™re smart, loyal and well-traineda€”but not all dogs are created alike. Musket is proof of that. Hea€™s definitely got a thing for treats and belly rubs. For the first time, the dog has his say. (Of course he needed a little help with the typing, since he doesna€™t have opposable thumbs. Thata€™s where author Mark Carlson came in. Still, Musket is the brains of the outfit.) Mark and Musket tell their story with humor, emotion, and Musketa€™s occasional contradictions. And at the end of the day, Musket somehow manages to be a great guide dog too. Confessions of a Guide Dog was written so a wonderful, devoted dog could reach out to those who havena€™t been lucky enough to meet him. Hea€™ll make you smile, laugh, cry, and want to give him treats. This is their story. (And theya€™re sticking to it.)A friend of Janea#39;s who bred Irish Setters told us some dogs dona#39;t handle corn meal very well and a lot of dog foods used corn meal as fillers. The next time we were at the pet store to buy a bag of Eukanuba, I asked Jane to read the ingredients.

Title:Confessions of a Guide Dog
Author:Mark Carlson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11-15


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