Confessions of a Neurotic Psychotherapist In Training

Confessions of a Neurotic Psychotherapist In Training

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Confessions of a Neurotic Psychotherapist in Training, reveals the life of Caterina Pelle, a neurotic novice who juggles grad school and her internship while struggling to keep her cocaine addiction hidden. Majoring in psychology was supposed to answer all of lifea€™s mysteries, and instead her all-knowing textbooks led her into the arms of a narcissist, leaving her just as clueless and confused as the rest of us. Now sober and professionally successful, the author hopes to rip off the mask of perfection we all force therapists to wear. From comical counseling sessions, to heart-breaking moments, Caterina even manages to take her reader to Bali, Indonesia, where she meets Eat, Pray, Love's, Ketut Liyer, who gave her a message she did not quite yet understand for years to come.My version of flirting is telling a joke and hoping that my teasing and witty efforts would make me appear to be charming ... I did not want huge, fake boobs, but a pair that would be proportional to my height and stature, so my plastic surgeon and I ... No one ever thinks that they are not real or mine because of the way they look and feel and this includes men in the ... Apparently, Meghan thought it was okay to discuss this in front of Dr. Redford because she was looking to get a boob job, anbsp;...

Title:Confessions of a Neurotic Psychotherapist In Training
Author:Caterina Pelle
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2015-08-20


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