Confessions of a Reformed Dieter

Confessions of a Reformed Dieter

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'I love food. Even worse, I love junk food. If lard could be double deep-fried I would eat it. If I could deep-fry headache pills I would. So it's no wonder I'm now the size of a small yet economically viable continent...'When A. J. Rochester is selected to feature in a television series on obesity, she is at first appalled and then resolved. At 109 kilos (17 stone), she knows she needs to lose weight - not because she yearns to become a twiglet but so she can keep up with her little boy and turn her life around at last. But after years of fighting a losing battle with the flab, A. J. knows she needs a miracle. So she decides to ditch the 'quick-fix' diets and the faddy exercise equipment and try a new approach - one that involves discovering her own inner strengths. It may not be easy - but it pays off. Confessions of a Reformed Dieter charts the highs, lows and plateaus of A. J.'s incredible journey, from overcoming an early setback - waking up in hospital with a broken leg after a drunken binge - to the triumph of shedding the first, and last, kilo.The temptation is to cut back on food but Crusher has told me to stick with it. She keeps saying ita#39;s because I am toning my body and building muscle and that fat is disappearing from my body. My aqua teacher today said, ... She said she could see I am getting a good shape and to focus on working out and eating well. God, if only someone would say to me, a#39;Oh no, therea#39;s this magic trick you can do, youa#39;ll anbsp;...

Title:Confessions of a Reformed Dieter
Author:A J Rochester
Publisher:Random House - 2011-12-31


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