Conflict and Multimodal Communication

Conflict and Multimodal Communication

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This book explores the use of technology to detect, predict and understand social cues, in order to analyze and prevent conflict. Traditional human sciences approaches are enriched with the latest developments in Social Signal Processing aimed at an automatic understanding of conflict and negotiation. Communicationa€”both verbal and non-verbal, within the context of a conflicta€”is studied with the aim of promoting the use of intelligent machines that automatically measure and understand the escalation of conflict, and are able to manage it, in order to support the negotiation process. Particular attention is paid to the integration of human sciences findings with computational approaches, from the application of correct methodologies for the collection of valid data to the development of computational approaches inspired by research on verbal and multimodal communication. In the words of the trade unionist Pierre Carniti, qWe should reevaluate conflict, since without conflict there is no social justice.q With this in mind, this volume does not approach conflict simply as an obstacle to be overcome, but as a concept to be fully analyzed. The philosophical, linguistic and psychological aspects of conflict, once understood, can be used to promote conflict management as a means for change and social justice.Preferences can be represented by means of a fragment of first order logic: we introduce predicates Pab that represent the ... the agenda IŠ that we have introduced in the previous section, by adding individual belief operators in epistemic modal logic Bi A, ... The notion of collective rationality again may change as we mayanbsp;...

Title:Conflict and Multimodal Communication
Author:Francesca D'Errico, Isabella Poggi, Alessandro Vinciarelli, Laura Vincze
Publisher:Springer - 2015-03-17


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