Confronting the Dragon: a Gameknight999 Adventure

Confronting the Dragon: a Gameknight999 Adventure

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An evil army threatens to destroy everything in this exciting Gameknight999 adventure! King Malacoda and the terrible enderman Erebus have led their monster army to the server that houses the Source, with plans to destroy Minecraft and all the digital lives on its servers before escaping once and for all into the real world. Only Gameknight999 and his small army of NPCs can stop them. But the monster horde is growing bigger by the day, as if they are being helped by an unknown someone - or somethinga€b To defeat the monsters of the night, Gameknight will first need to find out how monsters are being created so quickly. His quest will eventually take his army into a different dimension altogether, where an island floats ominously in the Void and a deadly creature flaps its gigantic wings...Then something Crafter had said to him echoed in his mind, a€œDeeds do not make the hero . . . ita#39;s the fear they overcome that does. ... Tall pillars of cactus jutted up out of the sand, their sharp spines looking all to real from within Minecraft. ... Heading toward the closest villager, Gameknight steered his horse to an NPC that was standing near a house, his body ... Startled, the villager spun around and faced the big NPC and young boy, five hundred warriors all in armor, with weaponsanbsp;...

Title:Confronting the Dragon: a Gameknight999 Adventure
Author:Mark Cheverton
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2015-03-26


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