Consciously Female

Consciously Female

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It often feels chaotic rather than dynamic being a woman. Every day is different. Am I a size 10 today, or a size 14? Do I feel energised or do I feel like crawling under the duvet and watching Eastenders? Even our interest in sex bobs about, seemingly from minute to minute. And we mentally cross off the days when our hormones are in flux - chalking our bad moods up to PMS and waiting impatiently for our bodies to return to 'normal'. But if we are not 'ourselves' for so much of our lives, then who are we? In Consciously Female, Tracey Gaudet gives women the tools and the techniques to consciously reframe what it means to live inside a woman's body. So instead of crossing off the days we feel bad, we will learn to understand them as part of an important cycle which adds emotion and physical feeling to our lives - we will become 'consciously female'. Integrating conventional and alternative medicine, the book provides us with a complete wellness programme, including advice on nutrition, exercise, rituals and mind-body techniques. It's wonderfully positive, practical and inspirational - it's for every woman.... what kind of postpartum birth control to use, or when or whether to go back to work, you can use the Feedback Loop to ... the La Leche League, books, Web sites, lactation consultants (often employed by obgyns or hospitals), and so on.

Title:Consciously Female
Author:Paula Spencer, Tracy Gaudet
Publisher:Random House - 2010-03-30


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