Consider It Done

Consider It Done

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Therea€™s nothing Julie Subotky cana€™t get done. After all, as the founder and CEO of a lifestyle management and personal concierge company catering to the crAume-de-la-crAume of New York, LA, and Aspen, shea€™s used the fielding her fair share of formidable requests from wealthy and time starved clients. Luckily, now you dona€™t need to be a rock star, socialite, or millionaire to Consider it Done. In this charming and unique book, she shares her secrets from for accomplishing hundreds of life's most bizarre, off-beat, and yet often inescapable tasks. Ranging from the unusual but useful, to the seemingly impossible, to the annoying but necessary, these include: How to hire a snake dancer for a party within 24 hours notice How to argue your way out of a speeding ticket How to get a last-minute table at an impossibly overbooked restaurant How to find a reputable pet psychic How to get the best seat on an airplane How to blow a date How to fix a hole in the wall How to get a wedding dress shipped halfway across the world How to refuse a dare How to change a tire How to make a citizen's arrest How to mix the perfect hangover cure a€band countless more Filled with practical tips, hints and advice as well as hilarious stories of near mishaps, crazy wild goose chases, and outrageous requests from eccentric clients, Consider it Done is sometimes zany, often surprising, and yet always useful. After all, there may come a time when you actually need to know how propose to someone in skywriting, replace a matching spoon from your great-great-great grandmother's antique silver set, or simply make the perfect martini. When that day comes, this essential and completely one-of-a-kind book will be there to walk you through it. From the Hardcover edition.There is no set rule as to how often one needs to dry-clean, but in general, you can spot clean and hang items to air-dry ... Most items that arena#39;t directly in contact with your skin, like suits and coats, really only need a cleaning once a year; andanbsp;...

Title:Consider It Done
Author:Julie Subotky
Publisher:Three Rivers Press - 2011-02-01


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