Control Systems: Theory and Applications

Control Systems: Theory and Applications

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Control Systems: Theory and Applications contains a comprehensive coverage of the subject ranging from conventional control to modern control including non-linear control, digital control systems and applications of fuzzy logic. Emphasis has been laid on the pedagogical aspects of the subject.As in the case of dc motors, OCL T = Ke-Dco D mcm d2Q a€ždQ Tn = J -a€”+ Da€” = K e D dt2 dt Transfer function G(s) = e (s) K_ K ... where K = K/D is the motor gain constant; T = J/D is the motor time constant. m Ad m The block diagram is shown in Fig. ... Example 4.5 An ac servomotor has both windings excited with 115V ac.

Title:Control Systems: Theory and Applications
Publisher:Pearson Education India -


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