Convenient Heroes...because Fire and Politics Do Not Mix

Convenient Heroes...because Fire and Politics Do Not Mix

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A dangerous shell game is being played in cities across the country. It is a Russian roulette-style series of decisions practiced on a daily basis, involving the safety of a generally unsuspecting public. As fire houses and their companies are closed and disbanded, their communities become unwitting victims to the ravages of fire, awaiting help from ever-increasing distances. The men and women proclaimed heroes doing their job day in and day out become expendable when fire department budgets fall to the domain of those lacking an iota of experience, namely, the politicians. Convenient Heroes is a microcosm of the ongoing struggle between firefighters who fight fires and save lives, versus politicians who don't. It is the story of qThe Bravest, q who are due far more than a photo op and honorable mention when it is politically expedient. K. Scott Bonovich was granted access to firehouses in three different departments, often living there with the firefighters, listening, observing, and many times riding along to fires. He learned first hand why these average men and women are heroes. He also learned that fires and politics do not mix ... at all. About the Author K. Scott Bonovich spent much of his life in Maryland, and currently lives in Los Angeles. qHow could I truly describe what these average men and women experience that does make them heroes in the literal sense of the word?q Publisher's website: http: //€œIt just dona#39;t make sense, a€ Holland grumbles. a€œMy brother-in-law is ... Bobby Taylor, eight years a pump operator, tall, slender with long, thin sideburns and a genuine flattop, glances at Jerry and then at the new apparatus. There is a moment ofanbsp;...

Title:Convenient Heroes...because Fire and Politics Do Not Mix
Author:K. Scott Bonovich
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing Rights Agency - 2014-04


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