Cook Now, Eat Later

Cook Now, Eat Later

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In our time-strapped lives, it isn't always easy to eat healthy home-cooked food every day of the week. You need never go hungry again with these delicious, straightforward recipes for cooking and preparing ahead. Whether you want to make a three-course meal on Friday night for guests or have a few yummy family suppers ready in advance, with more than 100 recipes to choose from, Cook Now Eat Later is perfect for the busy home cook. As you would expect from Mary, the recipes are foolproof and easy-to-follow, and they include clear instructions on how to get one (or two or three!) steps ahead. With some dishes you'll be able to cook everything in advance, while others can be prepared ahead and assembled and then just cooked on the day. Find out when you can freeze to get ahead and when it's best to keep it fresh. Simple directions show you what to do to take all the stress out of cooking. Let Mary give you the confidence to plan ahead. With Cook Now Eat Later you can have the ideal dish for every occasion ready in no time.You will have to reheat until piping hot and you dona#39;t want things to overcook and disintegrate. ... But occasionally, instead of cooking on the Simmering Plate and losing heat by keeping the lid up for a long time, you can cover and cook something like onions in ... This means that, although they take longer to cook, they will not boil over, they dona#39;t need to be watched, and they Will be beautifully tender.

Title:Cook Now, Eat Later
Author:Mary Berry
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2014-07-03


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