Cooking Light Lighten Up America

Cooking Light Lighten Up America

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Cooking Light Lighten Up, America! is a celebration and discovery of regional American cooking, and the permission to eat the foods you love-it's the soul of American cooking made light. This collection of America's favorite fare offers healthy versions of classics new and old, memory-making recipes from all walks of life and regions, and returns the most beloved American dishes to the table. Lighten Up, America! follows Allison Fishman Task as she embarks on a cross-country road trip in search of the country's favorite classic dishes. Allison shows the reader how to take these regional recipes and make them lighter and healthier with a few simple substitutions and smart cooking techniques. From caramel-pecan sticky buns to reuben sandwiches to fried green tomatoes, this book teaches how to turn what might have been once-in-awhile favorites into everyday classics. Highlights Include: Classic American Dishes Made Lighter: Readers will rediscover regional American cooking and eat the food they love through more than 150 delicious recipes from coast to coast. All with complete nutrition analysis. Regional Culinary Traditions: Join Allison as she tells delightful and tantalizing stories behind some of our most beloved regional dishes. Each story gives insight into regional flavor and color while celebrating iconic fare like Memphis barbecue, New Orleans gumbo, and Iowa pork tenderloin sandwiches. Insider's View of Festivals and Food Fairs: Allison also visits food fairs and festivals, so you'll get a behind- the-scenes look at some of the more unusual foods this great country has to offer such as wild boar nachos, bear meatloaf, and dandelion soup. Food Born In America: Allison will share inspiring stories about the many American entrepreneurs and home cooks who conceived and popularized recipes and ingredients. Take the Philly cheesesteak, cobb salad, and stove top stuffing-just to name a few-all crafted through the ingenuity of American food lovers.Tiny bread and a piece of breaded pork the size of a dinner platea€”thata#39;s how they do it in the Midwest. ... Butgo to afairin Iowa, any fair, and youa#39;ll trysomething youwona#39;t find outside the Midwest; the pork tenderloin sandwich is an Iowana#39;s goto, handsdown fair food favorite. ... make a pork tenderloin sandwich, vendors cut a generous chunk of pork loin (the sandwicha#39;s name isa bit of amisnomer) into slicesanbsp;...

Title:Cooking Light Lighten Up America
Author:Editors of Cooking Light Magazine
Publisher:Time Home Entertainment - 2013-10-22


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