Cooking With Bones

Cooking With Bones

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My sister is a formwanderer: she is a mirror of want. Each person she meets sees what they want, when they look at her. And she changes for each pair of eyes. Two sisters, fleeing the city of Paradon, find their way to a village by the sea, where Old Kelp's cottage - and her recipe book - await them. Amber feels this is where she finally belongs, baking honey cakes each night for the villagers to collect in the morning, using a set of bone spoons that allow her to add truth, lust and confusion to her pies and puddings. Her little sister Maya is a formwanderer, engineered to reflect the wants of others. All her life she has been like a twin to Amber, but now Amber has changed her mind, and wants Maya to learn how to be herself. Kip, a child growing up amongst the songs and stories of the village, delivers Amber's ingredients. When an act of terrible violence stirs and sets free the secrets of a generation, only one of these three can reveal the truth . . .Cana#39;t stop my heart beating pale. ... Ia#39;m dancing on pointe, spinning, twirling, spiralling myself inan attic room filled with the sun. ... Adented wardrobe filledwith deflatedblue beach balls, curtains closed make everything grey, dust smell, lavender smell, broken lamp, greylilac tablecloth with greying daisy chains, greywhiteanbsp;...

Title:Cooking With Bones
Author:Jess Richards
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-04-25


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