Cool Food

Cool Food

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Eating should be a joyful experience and promote good health. The choice of what you eat matters. Food goes to the core of your energy and has direct impact on your wellbeing. Food indeed is medicine. Cool Food was written for those of you who have discovered that you cannot eat foods that create heat and dryness in your body. When you first hear that you should avoid onions, garlic, peppers, sugar, chicken, turkey and other common foods you wonder what you can eat. This cookbook contains over 300 recipes. Some dishes are old favorites adapted to avoid warming foods while others are variations on exotic flavors from foreign lands. I hope that Cool Food will provide you with many new dishes to try as well as inspire you to create wonderful recipes of your own. I wish you vibrant health, fun in the kitchen and joyful eating. Tracy Stewart received her Biochemistry degree from UC Berkeley and worked in medical and pharmaceutical research and development for many years. In 1989 she obtained her acupuncture degree from J.R. Worsley at his college in England and is still practicing Five Element Acupuncture today. She studied Korean Sasang Medicine and Energy Analysis with Jaguang Sunim as developed by Master Hyunoong Sunim. Both of these systems of medicine focus on the uniqueness of the individual and address the underlying cause of disease. Tracy made her first cake from scratch at the age of 8 and developed her lifelong love of cooking in the kitchen with her father who delighted in exploring the variety of world cuisines. Tracy currently leads support groups in Sonoma County for people needing either a warming or cooling food diet and is available for Energy Analysis and consultation through her website at Hardly anyone has the time to make bread anymore, which is sad I think. While it takes most of the day, ... Ita#39;s fairly easy to substitute spelt for wheat in bread recipes. ... So if youa#39;re going to eat wheat bread, whole wheat is best.

Title:Cool Food
Author:Tracy Stewart
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2012-02


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