Cool Parent 101

Cool Parent 101

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Be your kid's hero-a super spy who can write in secret code; a scientist who knows how to snap optical-illusion photographs; a master chef who can make Maple Ice Candy; and more. Cool Parent 101 includes dozens of awesome projects that any parent and child can accomplish together. These fun activities will have your child thinking that you're super smart, super fun and super cool! This book offers a wide range of creative possibilities, such as: -- How to create a homemade ant farm -- The secret to writing invisible messages -- Concocting a toy-filled Surprise Soap -- How to make your very own snow globe ... and much, much more! The lively sequel to 101 Things Every Kid Should Do Growing Up, Cool Parent 101 provides an assortment of fun, creative activities for kids between the ages of four and 12 that will make them actually want to hang out with their parents.Fun Things to Make Your Kid Say Wow! ... ties, gowns, shoes (athletic shoes, sandals, and high heels), shirts, hats (child-sized versions of a hard hat, a sailora#39;s hat, a nursea#39;s cap, ... You can also create items to add to the box: use thin cardboard or craft foam to make masks (animals, animated characters, cartoon characters, anbsp;...

Title:Cool Parent 101
Author:Alecia T Devantier, Carol Turkington
Publisher:Sourcebooks, Inc. - 2004-03-01


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