Cooler Smarter

Cooler Smarter

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How can each of us live Cooler Smarter? While the routine decisions that shape our daysa€”what to have for dinner, where to shop, how to get to worka€”may seem small, collectively they have a big effect on global warming. But which changes in our lifestyles might make the biggest difference to the climate? This science-based guide shows you the most effective ways to cut your own global warming emissions by twenty percent or more, and explains why your individual contribution is so vital to addressing this global problem. Cooler Smarter is based on an in-depth, two-year study by the experts at The Union of Concerned Scientists. While other green guides suggest an array of tips, Cooler Smarter offers proven strategies to cut carbon, with chapters on transportation, home energy use, diet, personal consumption, as well as how best to influence your workplace, your community, and elected officials. The book explains how to make the biggest impact and when not to sweat the small stuff. It also turns many eco-myths on their head, like the importance of locally produced food or the superiority of all hybrid cars. The advice in Cooler Smarter can help save you money and live healthier. But its central purpose is to empower you, through low carbon-living, to confront one of societya€™s greatest threats.CASE STUDY Energy Efficiency meets r eality t V A competition called Energy Smackdown offered an ambitious twist on the concept of community work groups. Envisioned initially as a local cable television show building on the idea of NBCa#39;s anbsp;...

Title:Cooler Smarter
Author:The Union of Concerned Scientists, Seth Shulman, Jeff Deyette, Brenda Ekwurzel, David Friedman, Margaret Mellon, John Rogers, Suzanne Shaw
Publisher:Island Press - 2013-04-03


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