Coping & Living with Allergies

Coping & Living with Allergies

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A physician explains what causes allergies, how to avoid contact with substances provoking allergic reactions, and what treatments are availableA Complete Guide to Help Allergy Patients of All Ages Claude Albee Frazier ... making it unclear whether the same insect is the offending agent or a different species has triggered the reaction. Honeybees would leave human beings strictly alone, given their druthers. They are not inherently aggressive (with the so-called killer bees an outstanding exception), but ... When it does sting, the honeybee stings but once, then goes off to die, its barbed stinger embedded in its victim, withanbsp;...

Title:Coping & Living with Allergies
Author:Claude Albee Frazier
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1980-01-01


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